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Metro 2 Training Bundle

Item #: M2ECWEB
Description: Metro 2 Training Bundle
Non-member Price: $625.00
Member Price: $625.00

This Metro 2® training bundle includes access to one seat for the Metro 2® e-Learning course as well as access to the Consumer Credit Reporting: Compliance Guidelines Metro 2® Webinar.

Please note access to these resources is limited to companies included in  Metro 2® Access Policy and course materials may not be disseminated without permission from CDIA.

  •        If you are an approved Metro 2® user you may go directly to “Review Course Purchases and Assign Seats” on the “My Account” page to begin your courses immediately after completing your purchase. The audio replay link and handout material for this Metro2® webinar will be emailed to you within 48 hours.
  •       If you are not an approved Metro 2® user, your purchase of the Metro 2® e-Learning course may take up to three business days to be approved.
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